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“Kaitlyn changed everything for me. We worked on a Written Statement which gave me the language I needed to talk about what me, and my children, have been put through. It has been such a relief. I have clarity now and understand how to advocate for my children.” - Jess 

“Kaitlyn listened to the minute details of my situation and provided feedback and guidance on how to act, talk, look, and even feel when I entered the courtroom. She was reassuring, calming, informative, and gave me the tools I needed to convey my story and respond to opposing counsel and the judge appropriately. She gave me a clear path forward and a feeling of control (something no one else had been able to do). Most importantly, Kaitlyn increased my chances of getting the outcome that my child and I deserved. I was successful that day in court, largely thanks to Kaitlyn, and I have continued

to reap the benefits of her insight and guidance as I navigate my new normal. 

Kaitlyn’s infinite knowledge and wisdom make her a true resource for survivors dealing with the family court system—she is truly a gift to women and mothers everywhere. Words don’t do justice to how much I recommend working with Kaitlyn and how thankful I am to have found her.” - Jennifer

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